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What is it?

The My Membership Management System is a web based software program designed to allow Churches and members secured access to membership information via the web. As a management tool, the My Membership Management System affords members basic access to the following:
  1. Personal Name and Address Information
  2. Contribution History and Reports
  3. Sick Member and Birthday List
  4. Coming Events
Church Members with advanced security have access to managing the following:
  1. Attendance
  2. Contributions
  3. Church Events
  4. Membership, Contribution and Enrollment Reports and Graphs:
For staff member's with advanced access credentials, the My Membership Management System seeks to provide answers to the following questions via specialized graphs without requiring the need to pour over lines of spreadsheets or reports:
  • How is our Attendance?
  • Are contributions performing as expected?
  • What percent of the congregation are active?
  • What percent of the congregation are contributors?
  • Are we accepting new members at an expected rate?